Gold Chloride – 8.625% (5.0% as 99.997% pure Gold metal) – 100 mL in a clear glass bottle


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Gold Chloride Solution – 8.635% (5.0% as 99.99%+ pure Gold metal) – 100 mL in a clear glass bottle


Toxic – DO NOT CONSUME (see Safety Data Sheet)

Tetrachloroauric (III) acid, aka Hydrogen tetrachloroaurate(III)

CAS # 16961-25-4

Volume: 100 mL

8.635% (w/v) of HAuCl4 in distilled water

5.00% (w/v) of 99.99+% pure Gold

This 100 mL bottle contains 5.0 grams of 99.99+% pure Gold metal

This 100 mL bottle contains 8.6 grams of Gold Chloride

99.99+% purity (metals assay)

Color: Yellow

pH: Acidic

Flammability: Non-flammable

Odor: None

Reactivity: None

Container: Clear glass bottle with black phenolic cap

Store out of direct sunlight

Shelf life: 10+ years

Keep out of reach of children

Made in the USA


Gold Chloride Solution as HAuCl4 – 8.635% (5.0 % as 99.99+% pure Gold Metal). 100 mL in a clear glass bottle with a ribbed phenolic-lined safety cap. Contains exactly 5.0 grams of 99.99+% pure Gold metal. The product is not photo-sensitive.

The SDS for this product is included in all international shipments. For Domestic Shipments, the product SDS is included upon request. You may also find the SDS for this product under the “Resources” tab on our main menu.

Take a close look at the quality of this Gold Chloride and ask yourself: “Is the Gold Chloride your current supplier is giving you even coming close?” Other brands will have a reddish tint (Iron contamination) – not good! You will love this product or we will help you return it to us for a refund.

Made in the USA; ships from sunny Southern California.

You are purchasing 100 mL of Sirius Metals manufactured 8.635% Gold Chloride Solution (HAuCl4) – 5.0 % as 99.99+% pure Gold Metal in a factory-sealed clear glass bottle with a phenolic safety cap.

WARNING: Read SDS for this product. Avoid contact with this product if allergic to Gold; allergic reactions to Gold are extremely rare.

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