True Colloidal Gold (25 ppm) – 99.99+% purity – 500 mL (16.9 Fl Oz) in a clear glass bottle


CAS # 7440-57-5

Volume: 500 mL, 16.9 Fl Oz

25 ppm

25 mg/L

99.99+% purity (metals assay)

Color: Red

Ingredients: Pharmaceutical-grade pure water, 99.99+% pure Gold nanoparticles

pH: Slightly acidic

Flammability: Non-flammable

Odor: None

Reactivity: None

Container: Clear glass bottle with black phenolic cap

Shelf life: 2+ years

Made in the USA

Protect from freezing

The shelf life of this true colloidal Gold can be several years unopened. The average nanoparticle size less than 3 nanometers in size. There is no true colloidal Gold product with smaller Gold nanoparticles as we have inspected them all.

No (0.00%) chemicals are found in this product – only 99.99+% pure Gold nanoparticles colloidally suspended in pure pharmaceutical-grade water. No other ingredients – especially no preservatives or stabilizers as found in other colloidal Gold products.


If allowed to freeze, all of the Gold nanoparticles will no longer be colloidally suspended and afterward the colloidal suspension may collapse resulting in a loss of color as the Gold nanoparticles will have fallen to the bottom of the bottle, leaving only clear water.

WARNING: Avoid contact with this product if allergic to Gold; allergic reactions to Gold are extremely rare. This product may be ruined if allowed to freeze, so make sure not to have this delivered to an outside mailbox, porch, etc. where it may be left in freezing conditions.

You are purchasing 500 mL (16.9 Fl Oz) of Sirius Metals manufactured 25 ppm true colloidal Gold in a factory-sealed clear glass bottle with a black phenolic cap. This product consists of 25 ppm of 99.99+% pure Gold nanoparticles – colloidally suspended in pure water.  No color is added. It is made from more expensive 99.997+% pure Gold metal – which is up to 10 times more pure than 24 Karat Gold.