It all boils down to purity. In order for Sirius Metals’ Colloidal Metal products to be reagent grade, the purity must be as high as possible in order to make the cut for laboratory use. For supplement grade Colloidal Metals, it is not completely required to have a purity of 99.99+% (although it is much preferred). It is like comparing reagent Sodium Chloride to regular table salt. Both are salt, both you can eat safely. However the table salt will have other stuff in it (iodine for iodized salt, anti-caking agents, additional minerals from sea salt and pink salt, etc). Reagent grade Sodium Chloride on the other hand, is only Sodium Chloride with nothing else. This applies to Magnesium L-Threonate as well. Both our metal colloids and our Magnesium L-Threonate are safe to consume, but since neither are sold as a supplement, they do not include Supplement Facts or dosage information.

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We regret to say that due to liability reasons, it is against Sirius Metals’ company policy to put down false information on any legal document including Customs Forms. We understand that there are some costly tariffs and taxes on postage in some countries, but please be aware of those additional charges in your respective country. Sirius Metals does provide free shipping internationally and domestically, however, we do not cover any additional postage fees, VATs or tariffs that your country may require.

Our colloidal Gold’s SDS sheet mentions that you should not get it in your eyes or on your clothes or skin. It is not because it will harm you, it is because colloidal Gold does stain (especially in higher concentrations) and we included it in the SDS as a warning for that particular reason.

If we do not sell an item you are looking for, please let us know and we will consider including it in our product line. Please understand that it may take a little while to get things right, but we assure you that it will be worth the wait! We value our customers’ feedback and ideas and we do our best to make them happen soon.

You are free to use our products as you which. Products that are not harmful when ingested (such as Colloidal Gold, Copper, Silver, etc and our Magnesium L-Threonate) are routinely used in that manner. We do also sell products that are not at all safe to consume such as Gold Chloride.

Since we do not sell any of our products as a dietary supplement, the Supplement Facts and dosage is not included. All of Sirius Metals’ products are reagent grade – a higher purity than supplement grade – and sold as such. Because of this, we do not provide pdosage information.

We at Sirius Metals do our very best to provide free fast shipping all around the world. If there is a problem with your order or you have not received it yet, please check your tracking number first.

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We do provide private labeling of our products; if your company is interested in this, please contact us at sales@siriusmetals.com If you are a manufacturer interested in private labeling for Sirius Metals, please contact us at wholesale@siriusmetals.com.

No, Sirius Metals is solely an E-Commerce business and does not have a brick-and-mortar store. If you are a store and are interested in stocking Sirius Metals products in your store, please contact us at wholesale@siriusmetals.com