Colloidal Gold

Our colloidal Gold products contain 0.00% chemicals – certainly no toxic chemicals or toxic metals – and are perfectly safe to consume as a dietary mineral supplement. A true colloidal Gold consists of a colloidal suspension of truly bioavailable Gold nanoparticles – colloidally suspended in pure water. This suspension is somewhat fragile and will collapse if the liquid is frozen or if it is hit with a strong acid. Sirius Metals’ 99.99+% pure colloidal Gold is produced by a [...]


Gold chloride

Gold Chloride Solution as HAuCl4 – contained in a glass bottle, with a ribbed phenolic lined safety cap. MSDS included in shipment. This product only ships USPS Priority Mail and comes with shipping insurance. Take a close look at the quality of this Gold Chloride and ask yourself “is the Gold Chloride your current supplier is giving you even coming close?” Other brands will have a reddish tint – not good! You will love this product or we will [...]